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Joel Cohen (Pearland Handyman) has been such a huge asset in helping with things around my house. He has done a little bit of everything. You name it, he has helped me with it around my house. He is always prompt, always on time and does a great job. I have repeatedly used his services and trust him completely. He's the most reliable person I have worked with in my home. I highly recommend him for anything you need done. I have passed his name on to so many people and will always recommend him first for anything. - Jackie Klayman

We have worked with Joel Cohen for several years now on a variety of projects, and Joel has always been a pleasure to work with.  Joel is easy to talk to and work with, and we have the utmost faith in that whatever he does will be of great quality.  Whenever we have anything we need done in our house, Joel is the first person we turn to.  He is very dedicated to his work and is a pleasure to work with. - Tom Scire

For several years, Joel has performed work at my house.  Joel is always reliable, trustworthy, and enthusiastic.  When it was time to sell my house, Joel worked with me to get the house ready to go on the market, and then to resolve repair issues.  When worked needed to be done quickly to get the house sale closed, Joel worked extra hours to get the job done.  Joel is a true team player and skilled individual, and I am fortunate to have his help. - Katherine Vukadin